A Visit to Winterhaven

The trek to Winterhaven and the information the players learned there will be outlined in this post.

At this point, the PCs have completed the trek to Kalton Manor and returned. However, they have not been able to answer all (or maybe not even some) of the questions that were posed to them at their commissioning.

Time has passed. The characters were summoned to another audience with the Lord Warden. The same woman was in the room with them. Once more the meeting was held in a private room instead of the open area where most business is held.

The Lord Warden spoke: “I want to thank you for checking out the Kalton Manor. There are still questions that must be answered, but before that can happen, I have another task for you.

“Douven Stahl. That name should mean something to most of you. He is a mentor to many in Fallcrest. But more than that, he is something of a historian and is the one best suited to answer the questions you brought back from Kalton Manor.

“A few weeks ago he headed west to visit a purported dragon tomb near Winterhaven. He was due to return or send word days ago.”

The Lord Warden gestured to the woman behind him who then steps forward to stand beside him as he continues. Some of the PCs finally recognized her.

“This is Madelyn Stahl, Douven’s wife. No doubt some of you know her even if you weren’t sure from where. She and Douven have been friends of Fallcrest for many years. I would not have his friendship end now. I need you to head to Winterhaven to find his trail.”



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