Irontooth the (infamous) Dragon?

Here we learn of the PCs (all of them for the first time ever!) and their visit to Irontooth’s waterfall haven. Just what exactly is Irontooth? Will the players survive? Does the DM have to let them survive? These are questions that must be answered!

The players headed to a waterfall. As they approached, they heard some voices and movement ahead. As they neared, they saw kobolds moving around. Though they weren’t able to take them by surprise, they soon made short work of those kobolds and the wizard saved the day by stopping a lone fleeing kobold that was attempting to warn those residing behind the waterfall after hearing it yell “Irontooth must be warned!”

After learning a bit about a very old magic circle, they decided to try to surprise the inhabitants. This time they were much more successful. The few that were standing inside the entryway and quickly engaged them.

While the characters finished off the first batch of kobolds inside the cave, they heard a harsh, bleating horn that heralded the appearance of a kobold wearing a skull-faced mask working with two other kobolds. Then the warlord was surprised by a burly, battlescarred goblin. A great tattoo depicting a skeletal ram’s head marked this goblin’s face. He wore a wolf fur cloak and a chain shirt, and he held a battleaxe in each hand.

Upon being struck a death blow, Irontooth cried out (in Goblin), “Kalarel and Lord Orcus, prepare my way!”

After the PCs defeated the kobolds, they searched the area and discovered the weapons each kobold had carried and a total of 12 gp and 48 sp. After searching Irontooth, they found he had been carrying a pouch with a small silver key and a message scroll. The message on the scroll was written in Common. It was addressed to Irontooth and signed by Kalarel. It read:

My spy in Winterhaven suggests we keep an eye out for visitors to the area. It probably does not matter. In a few more days, I’ll completely open the rift. Then Winterhaven’s people will serve as food for those Lord Orcus sends to do my bidding.

The goblin kept choice bits locked in a chest that required the key in his pouch to open. Inside the chest were 420 gp and a suit of +1 dwarven chainmail sized for a medium sized humanoid.

+1 Dwarven Chainmail: This magic armor (value 520 gp) provides its wearer with a +1 enhancement bonus to AC, a +1 bonus on Endurance checks, and a daily power (as a free action, regain hit points as if you had spent a healing surge).

After that short bit of excitement and discovery, the players headed back to Winterhaven.



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