Kalton Manor

This is being edited to include what happened during the PCs first session. It will outline their visit to Kalton Manor.


The players have been sent by Lord Warden Markelhay to look for information regarding the lack of communication from Kalton Manor, a small manor a few days journey from Fallcrest at the edge of a swamp.

The Opening Act

The players were summoned to an audience with Lord Warden Markelhay. Rather than in the normal open room, the meeting was held in a side room. Aside from the PCs, there are only two other attendees. The first was Lord Markelhay himself. Behind him was a distraught woman. The PCs did notice that she seemed a bit upset but still in control of her emotions. None was able to recognize her, however.

“As you know, we are fairly isolated in this vale here from much of the outside world. I’m always very keen to learn more of the events in the wider world, but lately, one of my sources has stopped sending word. I would like you to travel to his manor and find out what is going on. If he needs any help, help him. Once you are finished there. Depending on events, I may have something additional for you at that time.”

The Lord Warden offered the PCs 100 GP plus expenses for their efforts to travel to the manor and return. He also signed a note that the PCs can then take to the stables to get a single riding horse for each of the PCs (though the dwarf got stuck with a pony).

When the PCs asked why they were chosen, his response was simply, “You each have a select set of skills that would compliment each other. Plus, if you are able to complete this job, I may have more.” He didn’t go into a lot of detail and didn’t see the need to do so.

Approaching the Manor

After following the King’s Road, the players came upon the trail that lead to the southwest. It hadn’t been seeing much recent use but by following it, they were able to reach the manor.

As the PCs followed the road, it narrowed down into a wide path as they neared the manor. The path itself showed signs of disrepair and neglect. It finally reached the end at a wrought-iron gate that sat in the middle of a fence that looked like it may have at one time been made of metal and wood but now looked to be in a bad state, as if ready to collapse at the feel of a harsh breeze. The gate itself was a heavy black monstrosity that had a single letter K on the right side.

Beyond the gate, the PCs saw the lands of the Kalton manor that had started to go wild. The lawn had not seen any care in quite some time and the grasses grew high in most places. A path cut the yard in two as it led from the gate to the manor some yards distant. A heavy, humid air sat very still with what seemed to be no breeze.

As the PCs entered the manor lands, they heard slight rustling. As the players looked around, they saw that something was moving quickly through the grasses from their right to left. When whatever was moving through the grass neared the path that led to the manor hours, the PCs saw quick tan then dark blurs dive through the open space of the path to the grasses on the left and then suddenly stop and turn back to the path. As the grasses parted on the left and the right sides of the path, the PCs heard low growls as they were attacked by what was once predators and prey.

  • Combat description will have to go here. YaAri was kind enough to make sure her horse was well cared for and received a 10XP bonus as a result.

The Manor

Standing before them was a two-story building that one could only assume is the Kalton manor. Its formerly white washed walls had faded to bone gray; flakes of paint had peeled from the rotting wood of the walls and waved listlessly in the breeze. Two cracked windows looked out over a dilapidated front porch that ran the full width of the house. Leading up to the porch from the path was a set of wooden stairs. The right side of them held the original shape, but the boards on the left side had warped and broken from dry rot, and had partially fallen to create a jagged, steep slope.

In the center of the front porch was a wooden door, between the windows. It seemed to have held up better than the rest of the houseā€”it retained a richer color than the graying wood of the walls and stairs.

The windows on the porch were so covered with grime and dust as to be nearly opaque, hiding what lay in wait inside.

  • The PCs explored the first floor and had combat. That description will go here.

After dispatching the skeletons, the players then decided to head up the stairs to check out what might lie in wait for them on the second floor. As they reached the top of the steps, they saw that the second floor didn’t really seem to have any individual rooms. Instead, the walls had been knocked out and the rubble formed piles on the floor. Beyond that, this area appeared to be guarded by a number of decorative suits of armor. As they entered, they heard rattling and scraping sounds all around… from inside the suits of armor, which suddenly moved, raising their weapons to attack!



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